You spend a lot of time hanging out in places that aren’t your own. You work, run errands, visit friends, eat out at restaurants, and the whole time, you have no control over what those spaces look like, how they feel, or whether they’re designed to fit your unique needs. It can be frustrating sometimes, can’t it?

But your home is something different.

When you get home at the end of the long day, you should be able to settle down into a sofa that is just the right height and softness for your needs, sink into a mattress with the right construction and firmness, and sit at a table in a chair that’s matched to your proportions for a comfortable meal. Your home is your place that’s just for you.

Your home should make you happy.

Good design can do that, and working with designers can help ensure that your home is exactly what you wanted. When you work with a designer, you can make sure you get just the right furnishings, in the right colors and right sizes, to fit into your unique home and to match how you prefer to use your furniture. No more hand-me-down couches, worn-out mattresses, or shabby coffee tables. We’re here to make sure your home is just what you want.

Sometimes, though, the thing you love and is perfect for your home needs a little TLC. When things break, you can often repair them so that the damage isn’t even noticeable. That’s true even for computer repair. It’s worth trying to fix something before throwing it out.