Your bedroom is a sanctuary. Thomas Jefferson called his bedroom the “sanctum sanctorum,” the holiest of holies, and that’s true for each bedroom. It’s the place where we are at our most vulnerable for hours every night, and the place where we recharge for the day to come. We retreat to our bedrooms when the world feels sad or overwhelming, and we cuddle up in them with a good book or a new Netflix series on rainy Saturdays.

Here are three tips to make the most of your bedroom.

  1. Keep it dark. Make sure that you can tightly close some thick curtains, shutters, or blinds. The darker you can keep your room, the better you’ll be able to sleep, because you’ll be able to block out ambient light from street lights, neighbors, and ultra-bright full moons. You’ll also be able to keep the sunlight out during those summer months when the sun rises way too early.
  2. Keep it calm. Your bedroom should be a place where you aren’t distracted by too much going on, so try not to work in your bedroom. Stick with soothing furnishings and decor so that you aren’t overwhelmed by interesting visuals while you’re trying to calm down for bed. Bring in a white noise machine if you find yourself distracted by noise from outside your room, and make sure to keep the thermostat turned down a bit.
  3. Keep it simple. In the same vein, try not to crowd your room with too much stuff. Your room should be a retreat, and if you fill it with things to do and look at, your mind will focus on those things when you’re trying to sleep. You want your bedroom to be a cozy coccoon. 

If you follow these three design tips, your bedroom will be a sanctuary and a refuge. You’ll look forward to coming home at the end of each day, curling up in your bedding, and snuggling up under the perfect blankets you chose.

It’s also important to keep the space you see through your windows as soothing and peaceful as possible. You’ll want to stay on top of your landscaping as much as you can. Then every part of your experience will be relaxing.