We’re a locally-owned business that was created to fill a need for elegant, timeless home decor in southern Maryland. Our founder decided to start the store after growing up in her family’s flooring company, learning the basics of small business, and developing a keen eye for design. The business is named for her two daughters, son, and husband. 

In the years since our showroom opened, we have served a number of local individuals, families, and businesses looking to spruce up their space. Whether you just need an accent chair, want to redecorate a room, or need help getting your home furnished from scratch, we’re here to help you with the best in furnishings, accents, and more.

When projects require more than just new furnishings and flooring, we partner up with construction companies for the heavy duty work. Local businesses are always our favorites to work with. If you’re in Buffalo, you should call our favorite construction company.