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Lola Belle Co. is your resource for making your house a home. Whether you’re furnishing your first apartment, a temporary house, or your dream home, Lola Belle Co. is here to help you furnish it so that it feels cozy, welcoming, and warm. We offer gifts, jewelry, home decor, and in-home design services.

Your Home Should Make You Happy

You spend a lot of time hanging out in places that aren’t your own. You work, run errands, visit friends, eat out at restaurants, and the whole time, you have no control over what those spaces look like, how they feel, or whether they’re designed to fit your unique needs. It can be frustrating sometimes, can’t it?

But your home is something different.

When you get home at the end of the long day, you should be able to settle down into a sofa that is just the right height and softness for your needs, sink into a mattress with the right construction and firmness, and sit at a table in a chair that’s matched to your proportions for a comfortable meal. Your home is your place that’s just for you.

Your home should make you happy.

Good design can do that, and working with designers can help ensure that your home is exactly what you wanted. When you work with a designer, you can make sure you get just the right furnishings, in the right colors and right sizes, to fit into your unique home and to match how you prefer to use your furniture. No more hand-me-down couches, worn-out mattresses, or shabby coffee tables. We’re here to make sure your home is just what you want.

Sometimes, though, the thing you love and is perfect for your home needs a little TLC. When things break, you can often repair them so that the damage isn’t even noticeable. That’s true even for computer repair. It’s worth trying to fix something before throwing it out.

About Us

We’re a locally-owned business that was created to fill a need for elegant, timeless home decor in southern Maryland. Our founder decided to start the store after growing up in her family’s flooring company, learning the basics of small business, and developing a keen eye for design. The business is named for her two daughters, son, and husband. 

In the years since our showroom opened, we have served a number of local individuals, families, and businesses looking to spruce up their space. Whether you just need an accent chair, want to redecorate a room, or need help getting your home furnished from scratch, we’re here to help you with the best in furnishings, accents, and more.

When projects require more than just new furnishings and flooring, we partner up with construction companies for the heavy duty work. Local businesses are always our favorites to work with. If you’re in Buffalo, you should call our favorite construction company.

Design Tips for the Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. Thomas Jefferson called his bedroom the “sanctum sanctorum,” the holiest of holies, and that’s true for each bedroom. It’s the place where we are at our most vulnerable for hours every night, and the place where we recharge for the day to come. We retreat to our bedrooms when the world feels sad or overwhelming, and we cuddle up in them with a good book or a new Netflix series on rainy Saturdays.

Here are three tips to make the most of your bedroom.

  1. Keep it dark. Make sure that you can tightly close some thick curtains, shutters, or blinds. The darker you can keep your room, the better you’ll be able to sleep, because you’ll be able to block out ambient light from street lights, neighbors, and ultra-bright full moons. You’ll also be able to keep the sunlight out during those summer months when the sun rises way too early.
  2. Keep it calm. Your bedroom should be a place where you aren’t distracted by too much going on, so try not to work in your bedroom. Stick with soothing furnishings and decor so that you aren’t overwhelmed by interesting visuals while you’re trying to calm down for bed. Bring in a white noise machine if you find yourself distracted by noise from outside your room, and make sure to keep the thermostat turned down a bit.
  3. Keep it simple. In the same vein, try not to crowd your room with too much stuff. Your room should be a retreat, and if you fill it with things to do and look at, your mind will focus on those things when you’re trying to sleep. You want your bedroom to be a cozy coccoon. 

If you follow these three design tips, your bedroom will be a sanctuary and a refuge. You’ll look forward to coming home at the end of each day, curling up in your bedding, and snuggling up under the perfect blankets you chose.

It’s also important to keep the space you see through your windows as soothing and peaceful as possible. You’ll want to stay on top of your landscaping as much as you can. Then every part of your experience will be relaxing.

2019 Decor Trends

We’ve been keeping our eyes on decor trends in 2019, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in the design world. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Velvet. 2019 is all about a return to luxe textures, and nothing says luxury quite like velvet. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the traditional silk velvet at an affordable price, but cotton velvet is everywhere and will do the job nicely.
  2. Curvy furniture. In 2019, we’re rebelling against harsh minimalism and bringing some art deco curves back into our lives. Try picking up a curved sofa or an armchair with a scalloped back.
  3. Terrazzo. Terrazzo is a material made of small chips of stone or glass bonded together with a firming agent like cement. It started out as a material for flooring or countertops, but it’s showing up in interesting places lately – like plates, bathroom accessories, and desk tools.
  4. Black kitchens. For a long time now, the white kitchen has dominated the social media scene, but in 2019, people are painting their kitchens black–often with dramatic and glamorous brass accents.

Have you thought about incorporating some of these design trends into your space? They each up the drama and glamour of your home and will help any space feel fresh and modern.

Know what else is always on-trend? Clean carpets. Keeping your floor clean is essential to having a fresh, happy, healthy home. Make sure to stay on top of your carpet cleaning.

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